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Printed Circuit Board Products

As principal of Northland Tool, Brian Howard applies 30 years of engineering and electronic sales experience towards building the best solutions available for all customer applications. His personal commitment is to create and maintain optimum customer solutions with maximum efficiency, in partnership with trusted and respected manufactures of the highest quality products available.

We excel at searching out and acquiring new and innovative products to complement our growing product line for delivery to our markets. Spindle repair and Southern Polyurethanes products are current growth opportunities to achieve increased customer satisfaction.

Spindles - New and Serviced

Air bearing and ball bearing spindles from WESTWIND AIR BEARINGS and SPINDLE DYNAMICS LLC, INC.  www.ads-technology.com  &   www.spindledynamics.com

Machine Parts for PCB Drills & Routers

Drill & Router machine parts and collets supplied by WESTWIND AIR BEARINGS and SPINDLE DYNAMCS LLC, INC   www.ads-technology.com &  www.spindledynamics.com

Abrasives for Microsection Analysis

Manufactured using STATE-OF-THE-ART EQUIPMENT second to none in quality and performance.
Orders shipped from our stock, or direct from the factory.
Contact us at your convenience for a quotation based on your volume.

Microsection Supplies & Equipment

A full range of supplies and equipment for analyzing the internal structure of metals from MARK V LABORATORY.  

Vacuum Systems

WEB MECHANICAL manufactures a full range of custom sized vacuum systems, dust collectors and mist eliminators.